Golka – Cojocari Wedding

On February 23, 1952 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada a fine couple entered into marriage. Benjamin “Ben” Andrew Golka married Annette “Anna” Cojocar!

Who: The wedding couple Ben Golka and Anna Cojocar with their wedding party consisting of Best Man, Matron of Honour, four groomsmen, four bridesmaids, one flower girl and the ring bearer.

Where: Assuming Windsor, Ontario, Canada

When: February 23, 1952

Why: This looks like a staged professional photo of the wedding party to commemorate the wedding day. If you would like to learn a little more about the traditional Romanian wedding they might have had, have a look at the article Romanian Wedding Traditions.

Wedding party of Benjamin “Ben” Andrew Golka and Annette “Anna” Cojocar, February 23, 1952, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Can You Name Anyone?

I have numbered the people in the photo from 1 to 14. If you would like to see a larger version just click on the photo or click here.

Use these buttons to jump to information for each numbered person:

Better Version

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People in the photo

The names are below. How many do you recognize?

1. Bob Willis, friend of the bride and groom.


Bob’s wife Marie (#2)

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2. Marie Willis, friend of the bride and groom.


Marie’s husband Bob (#1)

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3. George D. Fluter was about forty-two (42) in this photo and living in nearby Detroit, Michigan with his wife and two children. George was at the wedding because he was attending with his wife Ruby (#5) who was a 1st cousin of the bride. I think that George was the Best Man and Ruby (#5) was the Matron of Honour.


George D. Fluter was born near Velva, North Dakota to Dan & Annie in 1910.

George’s wife Ruby (#5)

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4. Nick Stanciu at the time of the wedding he was about six (6) years old and living with his parents and three siblings in Windsor, Ontario. Our man Nick was attending the wedding not only because the Bride was his aunt but more importantly to be the ring bearer I believe.


Nick Stanciu was the son of George & Jennie. I’m not sure where he was born yet -either northern Ontario or Windsor. Do you know?

Nick’s aunt, the bride, Anna (#6)

Nick’s 1st cousin Gina (#10)

Nick’s 1st cousin Louise (#9)

Nick’s 1st cousin once-removed Millie (#14)

Nick’s 1st cousin once-removed Ruby (#5)

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5. Aspazia J. “Ruby” Fluter nee Cojocar at the time of this wedding Ruby was about thirty-nine (39) years old and living in Detroit, Michigan with her husband George (#3) and their two children. Ruby was not only at this wedding because she was the 1st cousin of the Bride, but because she was the Matron of Honour and her husband was Best Man I believe.


Aspazia J. “Ruby” Fluter nee Cojocar was the third-born of ten children to John & Maranda. She was born on the family farm in Saskatchewan.

Ruby’s husband George (#3)

Ruby’s younger sister Millie (#14)

Ruby’s 1st cousin, the bride, Anna (#6)

Ruby’s 1st cousin once-removed Louise (#9)

Ruby’s 1st cousin once-removed Nick (#4)

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6. Annette N. “Anna” Golka nee Cojocar


Anna’s husband, the groom, Ben (#7)

Anna’s 1st cousin Ruby (#5)

Anna’s 1st cousin Millie (#14)

Anna’s nephew Nick (#4)

Anna’s niece Louise (#9)

Anna’s niece Gina (#10)

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7. Benjamin “Ben” Golka


Ben’s wife Anna (#6)

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8. James “Jim” Sennett


Jim’s wife Tillie (#12)

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9. Louise McPhail nee Cojocari


Louise’s 1st cousin Nick (#4)

Louise’s 1st cousin once-removed Ruby (#5)

Louise’s 1st cousin once-removed Millie (#14)

Louise’s 1st cousin once-removed Gina (#10)

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10. Georgina “Gina” Bodnar nee Avram


Gina’s aunt Anna (#6)

Gina’s 1st cousin Nick (#4)

Gina’s 1st cousin once-removed Ruby (#5)

Gina’s 1st cousin once-removed Millie (#14)

Gina’s 1st cousin once-removed Louise Cojocari (#9)

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11. Not sure, I want to say that this looks like Elie N. Cojocari a brother of the bride. Another good guess might be George Bodnar, Jr. although I don’t see the resemblance. What do you think?



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13. Unknown



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14. Emilia J. “Millie” Riopelle nee Cojocar


Millie’s older sister Ruby (#5)

Millie’s 1st cousin Anna (#6)

Millie’s 1st cousin once-removed Gina (#10)

Millie’s 1st cousin once-removed Nick (#4)

Millie’s 1st cousin once-removed Louise (#9)

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